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Laptop Issues

2011-01-23 23:34:28 by Sicniga

Hey everyone, my laptop got busted and I'm afraid that I won't be able to post any audio submitions until a month or two later. Some how my audio driver got busted and my entire hardrive got reformatted, but I was able to back up all my important stuff (including fruit loops studios) on my terabyte hardrive at the last moment. So until then, I can't do anything but wait until I get my new laptop. Sorry everyone :(

Still Experementing

2011-01-02 19:17:15 by Sicniga

Hey guys, like in my last post I told that I was practicing flash. Not only that, but I'm also getting into making beats with Fruit Loops Studios. I'd like some honest feedback on what you guys think about my stuff. And still, I'm nothing special, but for a new comer I got some good feedback from a couple of my friends. I'd love to hear what you guys think about my instrumentals.

Still Experementing


2010-11-14 03:48:46 by Sicniga

What's up guys. I'm working on flash at the moment and I'm a total noob at it. I'm practicing and I want give you all something you might like. I'm into fighting flashes and I'm a fan of R1665 and Trixiaoyu. They're the ones who inspired me the most to take this on and I hope when the time comes I can deliver something a fighting game fan may like. Till then I'll just have to practice until everythings ready. Peace out!